Word Up – Friday 11.18.11

2011, Events

The first reading. Uptown at Word Up, the pop-up bookstore that has survived well beyond the month it was originally supposed to exist. Just a few blocks from Cafe Sheila, my lovely place. Flip thru the pix on the Word Up site. So many beloved there. Bruce, Andy, Dave, Monica, Christina kind with the intro, my student Yakia and her lovely baby girl. Nestor, Brentan, a beautiful shot of my cousins from both sides of my family, Vilma Ela and Stephanie, leaning in to hear me. A random lady who was waiting for the bus and came in for warmth and then words. A lady with her dog. Emily, Melanie, Jane, Ndlela behind the video camera, Gabriel, Paul, Natalie. Thank you DJ Boy for the pix, you do some sweet work. So many more not pictured, Chris, Hakhi, Terence, Scott, Jamel, Aretha, Janene. A dude who I wanna say was Lebanese Honduran, bought 3 books for him and his cousins, Puerto Rican Lebanese Hondurans. He had on a super sweet black and white track jacket with “Honduras” on the back. I remember wanting to take it from him. I was, though, in an Alexander McQueen tank top, so was covered, fashionwise. Remember an old dude who missed everything and wanted a full Spanish translation. Dinner at Floridita, drama at Cafe Sheila, dancing at No Parking. A fine, fine beginning. Kinda epic.


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